Louis Gilmore

Agent - a bit awkward


An Intelligent Spinner who Creates Weird Science Experiments on Earth.


Light Handgun (2dmg, 0 Speed cost)

Armor: Trenchcoat +1

Enthrall (1 Intellect, no cost)
Understanding (2 Intellect, no cost)

Weird Science Tier 1:
Lab Analysis (3 Intellect, 1 cost) collect samples and learn 3 pertinent pieces of information about the scene.

Might – 10, Edge 0
Speed – 14, Edge 1
Intellect – 16, Edge 2

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Current XP: 2

-Move toward perfection
-Increase abilities

Equipment: street clothes, science field kit, light tools, pen knife, smartphone, $2000

Forensics Field Kit

Biochemical Assay
Forensic DNA identification
Mass Spectrometry preparation
Cell analysis
Luminex protein assay
Enzyme detection and activity
Protein analysis
Microbial detection and isolation
Impurity and contamination kit

Latex gloves
Fingerprint lifts

Spin Encouragement (1 Intellect point): While
you maintain this twist through ongoing
inspiring oration, your allies within short
range modify the difficulty of one of the
following task types (your choice) by one step
to their benefit: defense tasks, attack tasks, or
tasks related to any skill that you are trained
or specialized in. Action.

Aggression (2 Intellect points): Your words twist
the mind of a character within short range who
is able to understand you, unlocking her more
primitive instincts. As a result, she gains an
asset on her Might-based attack rolls for one
minute. Action to initiate.

you could use aggression on Eric and after it’s initial cast, or the next minute, Spin Encouragement

He would drop difficulty on his attack by 4, before spending effort


Louis was born a mad scientist. His natural parents gave him up for adoption at age 3 after he attempted to make his Furby a bit more expressive by sewing it to the cat. Bouncing from foster home to foster home, Louis kept at his craft and became quite skilled at altering nature. Though genetics play a role in his experiments, he prefers a more “analog” approach of using surgery, chemistry, and electronics to achieve his goals.

Currently, Louis is perfecting his Blender-Monkey: a marmoset that can ingest ice, tequila, triple-sec and sour mix then defecate a perfect Margarita. The results have been spotty as the blended cocktail tastes great but usually causes pink-eye. A few more monkeys and Louis should be ready by Cinco de Mayo.

When “friends” are asked to describe Louis, the words “awkward”, “creepy” and “Oh, God, he’s not here is he?” are often heard. Despite his shortcomings, Louis has an uncanny ability to get what he wants by employing the unique method of talking until people will do anything to make him go away.

Louis Gilmore

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