Agents of The Estate

That time we were all part of a government experiment
Everybody meets again... for the first time

3 people meet at a hotel. We were contacted by Alesandra Torres, our former Lieutenant in a government project called Mastadon. MK Ultra stuff.

Meet in Ibis room at 6pm sharp

Red Haired – ginger – in shape Ed Sheeran = Xavier Callahan

Black short hair, jeans and hoodie = Cybil Killian

10 years ago we were experimenting with astral projection and drugs- we went into a meditative trance and shared a fever dream. Saw a science fiction city with humanoid people with bio mods – we had memories about the place and felt like we’d always been there. Bodies changed. We lost a member during the experiment.

Captain Anson Brady

Amelia Chung is gone and assumed dead – she was Brady’s right hand.

6 other people on the team

Torres called and Mastadon people are dead – all 6

Meet in Ibis room – There is something unbelievable in the room – white board with names crossed off – Torres has been gutted – two reptilian creatures eating her – a third is going to 3 staffers

Shot the one going to staffers – Xavier finds flaw and moves into short – Cybil uses exception on wounded thing – Rolled 20 to hit wounded – it’s dead

Envelope had a photo with a raptor coming out – ripped it – Breakaway Couriers -

3 strange objects
In purse, hat, ring pair of glasses
Hat – sound dampener asset to stealth for 10 minutes
Ring – force field +1 for 24 hours
Glasses – teleported within 1000 feet

She called Brady several times in the last week
Phone number – local

Called the cleaner. Revealed to team that I’m an Agent of the Estate.

On our way to courier – convinced Jeff to let us see the security footage of the person that sent the package.

Amelia Chun sent this morning

Called Keener – Brady’s on the grid.
Went to Verizon and got Brady’s contact info from the phone- He’s in Jersey (his password was schmoopi)

Broke into his apartment – booze bottles – fishbowl – Brady’s gone

Handguns ammo
Cracked that safe – $5000

Desicator – syringe they take ambient damage for 3 rounds 4 dmg
Eagle’s Eye – 10 miles for
Rejuvenator – 6 points to stat pool

I have Desicator and Sound dampener

Cybil check fishbowl – finger thick cable – umbilical

Sticky note – Mastadon I’m sorry she targeted – “Amlachun” on his way to Ruk.

Full Estate dossier on Ruk

Called Keener – on our way to Ruk. Cybil initiates, I ease, Xavier hastens

Appear in Harmonious Public Lobby on Ruk – giant skyscrapers – tech city

Most Rukians are plugged into the All-Song.

Plug into All-Song – it’s noisy –
Amlashun –
Trust Code Archeologist has a lab in Ruk.

Reach out to Quiet Cabal – Udam-majir, has no help

Search for a Lore-Shark (Maldaru) going to meet him

Kid tries to sell spiral dust

Woman tries to sell new skin

We leave to meet Maldaru via the tubes – we see a girl moving through the crowd with a Wondergun – see’s Cybil and comes in for a hug – fires the gun – Cybil shrugs it off – clone takes it on the chin

Pneumatic Elevator Tubes we get in – it’s like birth as transportation – base of Market Tri-Tower

Maldaru jokes about eating captives at his feet. He finds her… she is good at hiding in plain sight. Payment – 10 valuables in 10 days time (300 bits, or cypher). Variokaryan – eats people. Deception worked, convinced that we’re with Quiet Cabal and that Almashun is with Karum trying to summon a planetovore. He agrees to give information to keep the Cabal out of his way. I hope we don’t see him again.

Karendar Tower 23rd floor – lobby is dimly lit bio-organic rot covers stuff. Two Chrysalids guard the entrance. I try to deceive our way in. It doesn’t work.

Clone hugs and I stick a Chrysalid in the eye with the Desicator.

Swing and miss – intrusion – we killed them

No clone for 5 days

Inside, humans are connected to silvery mechanisms and a web of computer nerves, they’re screaming. Brady has a big gun (Slaughter Accelerator) with a half Chrysalid – Amlashun. -

Hoping to use deaths of Mastadon team to entice Brady into action. She is using humans to find the True-Code. Part of humanity came from Ruk.

Brady dies – Xavier grabs the gun – She goes down – Xavier prevents cell death

Hear someone who needs help. Mikos Celedon, another agent of the Estate

Grab cyphers

Translate back into Brady’s apartment with Mikos. Call Keener, on our way to Seattle…


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